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Community Branding

Successful branding comes from a deep awareness of reality of that which is being branded and in that respect, Sacramento is lacking in that there are too few writers writing about Sacramento in the national media, as this article from … Continue reading

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Triage Center Good Idea for Homelessness

Our concern about homelessness in Sacramento is the long term tendency of the homeless to illegally camp in the American River Parkway, thereby degrading it with fires, pollution, threats to public safety, all in addition to the great disservice to … Continue reading

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California Needs More Water Storage

Virtually everyone—except the out-of-touch-environmentalists—understand this truth, captured well in this article by the Executive Director of the California Water Alliance in the Sacramento Bee, but, so far, anyway, that out-of-touch view prevails, sadly. An excerpt from the Bee article. Californians … Continue reading

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Politics & Water Policy

This article from the Sacramento Bee makes a good implied case that the two shouldn’t be mixed. An excerpt. Water providers from throughout the Sacramento region will urge the State Water Resources Control Board on Wednesday to release their customers … Continue reading

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Flood Prone Sacramento

As this editorial from the Sacramento Bee makes clear, Sacramento is the most flood prone city west of New Orleans, not good, and the strategies being offered to fix that aren’t good either. Fixing levees—and yes we need strong levees—is … Continue reading

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Birthing a Nonprofit

I have started several nonprofits over the years—ARPPS being one—and this article accurately examines the moment birthing begins and the process, from Nonprofit Quarterly. An excerpt. There is a classic philosophical problem called the “sorites paradox,” or “paradox of the … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere but Can’t Save a Drop

That surely must be the impression from watching the rivers bursting at the seams and water rushing out to the ocean rather than being stored, as would be proper to wise and far thinking public leadership, which seems to be … Continue reading

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Sex Offenders in Parkway

The reality of this is staggeringly dangerous to Parkway users and adjacent communities and only puts a huge exclamation point on the vital need to conduct effective enforcement sweeps of illegal camping, on a much more regular basis (probably weekly until … Continue reading

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Summary of Water Year

Though we still have some time before the official water year is over, this post from the California Water Blog gives us a real good summary of where we are at. An excerpt. Summary of conditions March 2016 has been … Continue reading

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Suburbia Rules, Still and Forever

Precisely because it is the single best neighborhood way for families to live and for the vast majority of Americans that is surely the case and it is surely becoming the case for a global majority also, as this article … Continue reading

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