High-rise in Midtown

It has been approved, as reported by KCRA News, 17 stories at 25th & J; and it is a great trend to continue developing more high-rise housing in the downtown/midtown grid (DMG).

If done right, and public leadership seems to be in tune with this, the DMG will eventually have plenty of housing and plenty of small specialty delis/groceries/eateries, all catering to the expected new residents who will flock to a denser urbanized DMG; with a direct benefit to the suburbanites who will come for dining and entertainment.

Our suburban family, for one, is really looking forward to the new Natural Food Coop opening this summer.

An excerpt.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —The path is now clear for a new high-rise in Midtown Sacramento after the city’s planning commission voted to allow plans for the 15-story building to move forward.

The limit outlined in the city’s general plan for the proposed location is 70 feet high. However, Yamanee Tower is expected to be 170 feet tall.

The planning commission opted to make an exception, noting the need for high-density housing in green, eco-friendly buildings.

Commission chairman Alan Lofaso admitted approving the tower sets a precedent for future construction in the neighborhood.

“It’s going to have to be the same very modern, very green LEED-certified kind of building,” Lofaso said. “So yeah a precedent, but a very, very limited precedent.”

Yamanee is proposed on the southeast corner of J and 25th streets. The space is currently occupied by retail stores and offices.

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