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California Housing is Expensive

An excellent report from New Geography reveals just how expensive it really is, but almost everybody still wants to live here. An excerpt. A reader comment on a feature by John Sanphillipo (“Finally! Great New Affordable Bay Area Housing! Caught … Continue reading

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Parkway Fire #2

Second of the season that is reported in the news media—many are not because they are small and put out quickly—and this one is near Sac State, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. The Sacramento Fire Department was … Continue reading

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California Has 3 Times Amount of Groundwater Than Thought

That is what is being reported by the Mercury News, but getting to it could be expensive. An excerpt. There’s a vast amount of untapped water in California, but whether it can make any difference for the drought-stricken state remains … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Manufacturing Base

A very interesting article about American manufacturing cities—Sacramento is ranked 28 in large cities—from New Geography. An excerpt. Perhaps no sector in the U.S. economy generates more angst than manufacturing. Over the past quarter century, manufacturing has hemorrhaged over 5 … Continue reading

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On California Politics

A very interesting article by Joel Kotkin—our favorite urbanist—well worth a deep read. An excerpt. In a state ruled by a former Jesuit, perhaps we should not be shocked to find ourselves in the grip of an incipient state religion. … Continue reading

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Parkway Fire #1

First fire on the Parkway for this season, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, and remember that many which are controlled quickly, do not make the news. An excerpt. Sacramento Fire Department crews extinguished a three-alarm grass fire on the … Continue reading

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Flood Improvements

As reported in the Sacramento Bee, the efforts voters approved are good, but only increasing the flood protection to 200 years—less than New Orleans when Katrina hit—is not doing enough to protect Sacramento when the gold standard for cities next to … Continue reading

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Desire for Streetcars

It seems to be running rampant across the country and also here in Sacramento, so this article from Governing Magazine is timely. An excerpt. Streetcars: If You Build It, Will They Come? Slow to build and expensive to operate, streetcars … Continue reading

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Southern California

We tend to forget how really creative an area it is when San Francisco is right next door, but this article from The Orange County Register reminds us. An excerpt. Over the past decade, Southern California has lagged well behind … Continue reading

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California’s Economy Now 6th in World

That is astounding news, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. We’re No. 6. Riding the latest high-tech boom and an overall statewide surge, California has leapfrogged France and Brazil to become the world’s sixth-largest economy, according to figures … Continue reading

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