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Parkway Fires, 15 total in June and July

According to the Parkway Rangers report, in the month of June there were 9 fires on the parkway, the largest being 46 acres; and in the month of July 2016 there were 6 fires, the largest being 4-5 acres. According … Continue reading

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State Conservancy Support

While this supportive article in the Sacramento Bee about the proposed legislation establishing a state parkway conservancy is accurate on the benefits, and sentiments, it fails to mention (while noting the homeless camping problem) the inability of the current Parkway … Continue reading

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Excellent Idea for Parkway

Tracking visitors behavior, as reported by Engadget. An excerpt. Like any other potential advertising space, New York City’s Bryant Park needs information about its visitors in order to attract potential sponsors. To gather that information, the private Bryant Park Corporation, … Continue reading

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Homeless Heroin Use Allowed in Housing?

This policy would be a natural growth of the Harm Reduction movement in dealing with drugs and is now being proposed in Seattle to allow homeless with heroin addictions to shoot up in homeless housing; bizarre, as reported by the Seattle Times. … Continue reading

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Safety of the Streets is Largely Gone

Which is sadly true in most of the urban areas of our country, including Sacramento, and it isn’t until you get into the outlying suburbs that it returns. This article from City Journal is about this. An excerpt. “The bedrock … Continue reading

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Homeless in National Parks

This reality, as reported by the New York Times, can also be found in our Parkway, sadly; and the paragraph in bold is so pertinent in relation to the homeless services mall surrounding the Parkway in the 12th Street/Richards Blvd/Woodlake/North … Continue reading

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Financial Services Sector Booming

Very interesting article from New Geography and Sacramento comes in at 41st in the large cities category. An excerpt. From the earliest days of the Republic, banking and finance has largely been the purview of what one historian calls the … Continue reading

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Parkway Fire #9, 2016

As reported by Sac Fire Twitter, and sounds like they have a suspect. An excerpt. Am River Parkway fire confined to 2 acres, no structures threatened, no injuries. Suspect being questioned. And from an earlier Twitter, same fire: Grass fire … Continue reading

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The Water Scare

This story from the Bakersfield News tells a somewhat scary story about how water is managed in California. An excerpt. Millions of Californians nearly had their water shut off late last month because the federal government ran out of water … Continue reading

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Making Mass Transit Work

As Sacramento struggles to develop a mass transit system that is safe and welcoming to everyone, the example set by New York City is worth noting, and this article from City Journal gives a good look. An excerpt. At 10:20 … Continue reading

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