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World Series Starts Today

So I will be sidelining blog posts for the duration; and however it turns out, it will be historic. I’m all in for the Cubs as their fans, ballpark, history and current team’s record call me to their side. Here’s … Continue reading

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Rock Festival in Parkway

This festival, as reported by KCRA News, is an excellent legitimate—and profitable—use of the Parkway in an area too often degraded by the illegitimate use by illegal homeless camping and the destruction through fires and pollution resulting from that; plus, … Continue reading

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War On Suburban Communities

It is a war that has been going on for a very long time, especially in California, but, thankfully, suburban communities are still where the vast majority of people prefer to live and raise their families. This article by Joel … Continue reading

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Haven for Hope National Model

We discovered this program a couple years ago and immediately adopted it as the best long term solution for Sacramento’s homelessness problem, as are many others, as this article from KGW News reports. An excerpt. SAN ANTONIO, Texas — As … Continue reading

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Philanthropy Helping America

As this article—an excerpt from a newly published book—from Philanthropy Roundtable reports, the help is considerable. An excerpt. Philanthropy is a very big part of what makes America America. Start with the brute numbers: Our nonprofit sector now employs 11 … Continue reading

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Parkway Fire #37

As reported by SacFire Twitter, Thursday, October 13. An excerpt. Vegetation fire, mile marker 5 in the American River Parkway. Crews arriving onscene now.

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Parkway Attack, Worst Avoided

As reported by KCRA. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —A Sacramento State student managed to get away from her attacker after a man hit her on the head and nearly dragged her into some bushes near the campus, according to … Continue reading

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Environmental Trade Offs

An excellent post from Pacific Legal Foundation’s blog. An excerpt. Our friend Brian Seasholes of the Reason Foundation has an article on on one of the oft overlooked environmental benefits of fracking: preserving open space as habitat for wildlife. … Continue reading

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Dams & Global Warming

You will probably be hearing scare reports about this soon, but not to worry, dams only produce 1.5 % of human caused global warming, according to this article from Reflections on Water. An excerpt. Last month, global atmospheric carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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Bike Lanes

A pretty good article about them, from Governing Magazine. An excerpt. The taxi driver taking me from Chicago’s Midway Airport to Hyde Park was unequivocal about what he thought of all the bike lanes Mayor Rahm Emanuel was installing across … Continue reading

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