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Merry Christmas

As we settle in to the most wonderful time of the year, we wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; and we’ll resume blogging January 9th.  

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Water Bill, Behind the Scene

This article from the LA Times is another reminder of the compromise, discipline, and good will necessary to craft and pass bi-partisan legislation, especially concerning water in the state of California. It is also another reminder of the ideology driven … Continue reading

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Serious Storm Starting Today

And this is when we dream we had the Auburn Dam up and storing; weather as reported by Accu Weather. An excerpt. A double-barreled storm will soak California with rain and flash flooding while areas farther north are hit with … Continue reading

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Sacramento Parks

As this story from the Sacramento Bee reports, the lack of adequate funding for local parks is pretty disgraceful and taking a page from other regions that have addressed this, it seems appropriate to consider public private partnerships rather than … Continue reading

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Water Sanity

There appears to be somewhat of a return of water sanity in California, as this story in the Sacramento Bee reports, but what will actually result in the reality of California politics remains to be seen, but the new federal … Continue reading

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Texas Wonder

A wonderful report from New Geography, on the great state of Texas which far out shadows California—except for weather and physical beauty—but important to read for economic, urban, and political instruction on how to be user friendly. An excerpt. This essay is … Continue reading

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