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Flood Infrastructure

As this article from the Sacramento Bee indicates, much of the flood infrastructure in our state needs help, and, as our post from yesterday notes, a good place to start is with the original state water project plans from mid-century … Continue reading

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Shasta Filling Up

As this article from KCRA 3 notes, Shasta Dam is near capacity, a sad reminder that had the initial plans for Shasta and the entire California water project been approved—Shasta at 200 feet higher and Auburn Dam built—there would be … Continue reading

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Orville Dam

Given what has just happened there, this story from the Mercury News, detailing actions not taken 12 years ago, is very disheartening but, unfortunately, all too common by government when public safety is concerned. An excerpt. More than a decade … Continue reading

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Flooded Parkway

Parts are flooded, from the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. As runoff gushes into Folsom and Shasta lakes, officials have increased flows down the American and Sacramento rivers, prompting safety warnings for those using the waterways for recreation. As of 10 … Continue reading

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Trouble with Triage Approach

The main objection to this approach—called for in this Sacramento Bee article—is that it limits help to those most needing it, which, while appropriate in medicine, is not necessarily so in homeless social services where everyone is in dire need. … Continue reading

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For All Us Cat Lovers

A great article in the New Statesman. An excerpt. A philosopher once assured me, many years ago, that he had converted his cat to veganism. Believing he was joking, I asked how he had achieved this feat. Had he supplied … Continue reading

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Need More Storage

Though the Sacramento Bee recognizes the obvious, it still can’t bring itself to mention the Auburn Dam. An excerpt. After five years of drought, could California really have so much rain and snow there’s no room to store all the … Continue reading

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