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Transit Fantasy

Though I love the idea of bullet trains and other forms of rapid transit, our family will never use them, always preferring to drive our own car, even when having to fight through traffic. It appears others do also, as … Continue reading

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End Transit Subsidies

Long overdue, as this article from New Geography explains. An excerpt. Fifty-three years ago, the transit industry was mostly private and earned a net profit. Today, it’s almost entirely publicly owned, and subsidies have grown out of control. It’s time … Continue reading

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Fake News & Abraham Lincoln

Republicans are talking a lot about Fake News these days and it is interesting to note that the founder of the Republican Party, President Abraham Lincoln, also had to deal with it during his campaign for president, as Doris Kearns … Continue reading

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The Parkway’s Skid Row

Skid Rows develop largely as the result of inaction–or wanting to contain a problem–by public leadership allowing a public area of a city, or in this case, of a park, to sink into degradation by not appropriating the proper resources, … Continue reading

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California Should do Better

That is the message from this article in Fox & Hounds about water policy. An excerpt. No matter the crisis, the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB), Governor Brown and the Democratic super-majority-controlled Legislature — despite their best efforts — … Continue reading

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Two Good Articles on Illegal Camping from SARA

A very welcome bit of support from Save the American River Association noting the great danger and degradation occurring in the Parkway’s Skid Row—Discovery Park to Cal/Expo—and hopefully other Parkway advocates will get on board with regular focus on this problem, which … Continue reading

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Folsom’s Area of the Parkway

It is good to see the city of Folsom focusing more on their area of the Parkway, a particularly beautiful part that can even become more so, as is noted in their Parks & Recreation section of their January Draft … Continue reading

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Water Policy in California

It is misguided, as this article from the California Water Alliance makes clear. An excerpt. No one questions the need for Californians to avoid wasting water and conserving our precious water resources. Water we need for our people, cities, environment, … Continue reading

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Policy Caused Drought

Great article from the California Water Alliance. An excerpt. “After a two-month delay and with a snowpack that is 200 percent above normal, in at time of brimming-full reservoirs, statewide flooding not seen since the 1890’s and with receding memories … Continue reading

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Eagles in the Parkway

What an amazing thing, as reported by KFBK, with photos at the jump. An excerpt. My neighbors and I suspected something was up last fall. We were wonderfully surprised last Spring 2016 when a pair of bald eagles made their appearance … Continue reading

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