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Cleaning up the Parkway

The title of this article in the Sacramento Bee is Will cleaning up the American River Parkway send more homeless people into the suburbs?  Of course it will, and that is why the city/county needs to adopt a model that … Continue reading

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Delta as National Heritage Area?

A process we have long called for the American River Watershed—see our report (p. 30 on)—appears to be well underway for the Delta, according to this story from News Deeply. An excerpt. California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is a unique landscape: … Continue reading

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California Becoming Socialist?

Perhaps, but you decide, after reading this provocative article from New Geography. Personally, I think the pendulum will swing back fairly soon. An excerpt. California is widely celebrated as the fount of technical, cultural and political innovation. Now we seem … Continue reading

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Self Esteem & Public Policy

Unfortunately they are linked, especially in California, and this book review from the Literary Review about California and self-esteem is great, though troubling, reading. An excerpt. The idea that all of us have a self – essential, irreducible and inherently … Continue reading

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Parkway Rangers & The Parkway’s Skid Row

Parkway Rangers: We now have 25 Rangers looking out for our County Parks and Parkway and that is the most in a long time. They are doing some pretty good work out there and it is often dangerous work. They … Continue reading

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Sacramento, 18th Most Suburbanized City in America

Why we love living here, Sacramento’s population is over 98% suburban. This story from New Geography examines suburbanized cities, and Sacramento’s listing is found in the last graph of the story. An excerpt. Recently, The Wall Street Journal and Newsday, … Continue reading

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Homeless Illegally Camping at Courthouse Rousted

As the Sacramento Bee reports; finally a robust response, and the same strategy needs to be applied to the Parkway as part of a larger strategy we suggest based on the Haven for Hope program in San Antonio adapted for … Continue reading

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