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California Farmers, Feeding the World

It truly is amazing how much this industry makes a difference, as we see from this article from the Orange County Register, and how important it is to ensure they have enough water, necessitating building more dams. An excerpt. California’s … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence Changing Work, Big Time

And this excellent article from City Journal examines how much has already changed and how much will change. An excerpt. Warning: don’t read too much about the future of jobs in an era of Artificial Intelligence if you are—psychologically speaking—in … Continue reading

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Fair Oaks Blvd Project

If, like us, you have occasion to travel Fair Oaks Blvd., you will realize how nice a job the County did with the road from Landis to Engle; and a shout-out also to Teichert, who did the actual work, great … Continue reading

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Global Temperatures Rising? Oops!

Great article from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. Just exactly how much has the climate changed in recent decades? Longtime New York Times readers can be forgiven if they are now thoroughly confused on the matter. Last month this … Continue reading

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Capitalism Works

Yet again we are reminded of the reality in this story from PERC. An excerpt. You’ve heard the story: Honeybees are disappearing. Beginning in 2006, beekeepers began reporting mysteriously large losses to their honeybee hives over the winter. The bees … Continue reading

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Parkway Organizations Recognizing Illegal Camping Issue

Ever since our founding in 2003—with illegal camping a central focus of our nonprofit—we have tried to get the other Parkway organizations on board recognizing and addressing this issue and over the past couple of years, it is finally happening. … Continue reading

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Political Will to Fight Homelessness

This is a pretty good article from Sacramento’s Mayor in the Sacramento Bee, and we hope he is able to provide the leadership to make this happen, as the leader of the largest community in the region and the community … Continue reading

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County Homeless Initiative

Looks like a pretty strong push—though their record so far on illegal camping in the Parkway is abysmal, hope springs eternal—noted on Sacramento County News. An excerpt. With the approval of the recommended budget for Fiscal Year 2017-18 on June … Continue reading

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Governor Brown & Governor Brown

Both the current Governor and his father had and are having, a huge impact on California, as this excellent story from Wall Street Journal examines. An excerpt. On a recent drive from the East Coast back home to California, I … Continue reading

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Homeless Count

This article in the Sacramento Bee highlights some important information from the recent count, two facts being: 70% of Sacramento Region homeless are natives and most are in the city of Sacramento with large concentration in the Parkway. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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