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Homeless Taking Over L.A.?

Some would say this is Sacramento’s future, while others say it is already, while the truth is somewhere in between but too far to the latter to reassure us. An excerpt from this scary article from Los Angeles Daily News. … Continue reading

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American River Salmon

A very informative article from the California Sport Fishing Blog about our local salmon. An excerpt. The American River is one of the larger tributaries of the Sacramento River (Figure 1). Its watershed runs from the central Sierra Nevada range, … Continue reading

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Salmon, Innovative Ideas

Hakai Magazine provides information on two very innovative ideas—one in flooding farmland and one in hatcheries—in this article. An excerpt. California, land of almonds, avocados, and Arnold. But beyond its famous edibles and a celebrity governor, California, like its Pacific … Continue reading

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Millennials Moving to Burbs Big Time

As this article from MSN News reports, they are as smart as their parents regarding where the best place to live is, and the best wheels to get to and fro. An excerpt. Millennials are finally starting their own baby … Continue reading

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Transportation Infrastructure

An excellent article reflecting current thinking from government on what needs doing, from New Geography. An excerpt. There is broad public concern about the status of transportation infrastructure in the United States. On election night the future President said, “We … Continue reading

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County Approves Parkway Money

Well, it was an interesting discussion with the usual assortment of voices nicely captured in this Sacramento Bee article. We wish the County the best, but we’ve been here before and the problem still keeps getting worse; but, hope springs … Continue reading

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Parkway Politics

It will be an interesting discussion this afternoon and evening as the County Board of Supervisors try to determine how/if to help the Parkway and this article by one of the supervisors in the Sacramento Bee helps set the stage. … Continue reading

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Money May Help Parkway, Then Again, it May Not

This article in the Sacramento Bee makes a good case that increasing the amount of money to the Parkway may help resolve the illegal camping destroying it, but history shows little change, regardless of the newest strategy—and there have been … Continue reading

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Arresting Illegal Parkway Campers Will Stop It

The title of this article in the Sacramento Bee is “Sacramento County can’t arrest its way out of homelessness”; but the conclusions drawn are wrong, as arresting illegal campers in the Parkway will stop the illegal camping there. Too often, homeless advocacy … Continue reading

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Video of Homeless Camps

An absolute must see, from the Sacramento Bee, the homeless camps from a river view; horrible what is happening.  

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