A Whole Lot of Money

The County approved a lot of money to address homelessness, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, and we hope—with Supervisor Serna—it results in actually stopping the illegal camping in the Parkway.

An excerpt.

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved $44 million over the next three years for a homeless prevention program spearheaded by Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

The county will now partner with the city of Sacramento by first providing better coordinated care in emergency rooms – often the main point of contact for many living on the streets, especially those with mental and physical ailments. Services would include mental health and substance abuse treatment.

It marked a reversal for county leaders on the Whole Person Care project aimed at channeling homeless people into housing. For months, supervisors have rebuffed Steinberg’s push for a joint effort between the two local governments.

The vote came after a four-hour hearing. Nearly all of the roughly 40 people who testified at the hearing supported the vote, including homeless service providers and formerly homeless individuals.

Steinberg’s Whole Person Care grant will bring in $64 million over the next three years – $32 million in federal money matched by local funds from the city and hospitals. The money will pay for a comprehensive outreach program designed to keep homeless people out of the ER, stabilize their lives with existing county and city services and move them toward permanent housing. City outreach workers began contacting homeless individuals last week and have already referred 37 into services.

Tuesday’s agreement also includes $4 million a year toward the program after the three-year grant period ends. With the county’s commitment, the region will have about $108 million in the next three years to address the growing homeless population on Sacramento streets. Steinberg called it “the largest infusion of new resources for homelessness” in Sacramento history.

“This is, in my opinion, a watershed moment for our community,” the mayor told the Board of Supervisors. He said the funding will allow service providers “to combat this growing problem aggressively now – now – and not at some uncertain time in the future.”

The county money will come from state funds transferred to counties for mental health care, derived from a 1 percent tax on millionaires under legislation co-authored by Steinberg when he was in the Assembly.

“The fact that it was a unanimous vote makes clear the seriousness with which the board takes its charge to effectively reduce homelessness in the communities we represent,” said Supervisor Phil Serna, who crafted the $44 million plan over the weekend with Steinberg and Supervisor Patrick Kennedy.

Asked whether the public will see a reduction in homeless people on the streets and in the American River Parkway, Serna was emphatic.

“We better see a change. This is a massive commitment of funds. At some point you have to take a pretty bold step,” he said.

Retrieved November 8 2017 from http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/homeless/article183227976.html

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