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Homeless on West Coast Increasing

As this article from the San Francisco Chronicle reports, though we are not in agreement that housing costs are the main reason; without considering the role individual choice (whether to abuse drugs, refuse treatment for mental issues or just to … Continue reading

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Homeless are Dying

It’s rough out there and tragically, too many of the homeless are dying, as the Sacramento Bee reports, because Sacramento hasn’t yet figured out an effective way to shelter and help the thousands of homeless in our community, which is … Continue reading

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Jury Agrees with City

A rare legal success in the homelessness situation in Sacramento, as reported in the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. The city of Sacramento did not treat homeless people unfairly in its enforcement of a longtime ordinance banning outdoor camping for extended … Continue reading

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North Sacramento Gets Homeless Center

Adding to the burden already on the neighborhood, there is more weight coming, as this story in the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. Just over a week after approving a controversial winter homeless shelter in North Sacramento, city officials surprised … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Risk of Flooding

It’s great as this article from the Washington Post explains. And will remain so until we build Auburn Dam. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO — Even living here on the West Coast, Marion Townsend decided to act as floods ravaged Texas and … Continue reading

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Local Homeless Efforts

We keep abreast of what local efforts are doing and it is clear that shelter strategies are currently in the forefront. The one shelter strategy we support is the one based on the highly successful homeless transformation campus program in San Antonio, … Continue reading

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