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County Homeless Plan Update

News from the County A great update from Supervisor Sue Frost from her Facebook page: In September 2017, the County Board of Supervisors approved $5 million in funding for the Parkways and Unincorporated Communities Clean Up and Safety Initiative. The … Continue reading

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Department of Interior Reorganizing?

Still preliminary but if this article from Greenwire is an indication, it could possibly be good news for Auburn Dam. An excerpt. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s vision for reorganizing the Interior Department includes dividing management of millions of federal acres … Continue reading

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California Dream Becoming Nightmare for Many

Great article from the Hoover Institution, and the final excerpted paragraph on water is excellent. An excerpt. Californians long led an idyllic version of the American Dream: lots of sunshine, jobs, upward mobility, home and automobile ownership, inviting ample space … Continue reading

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War against the Suburbs

It continues and California is ground zero, as this article by Joel Kotkin makes clear. An excerpt. The Plains of Id, urbanophiles might sniff. Can anything good come from suburban Nazareth? Yes, the suburbanites were responding. Everything good was coming … Continue reading

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Water from the Desert

An innovative plan to get water from the deserts in California is bucking environmentalist’s headwinds, as reported by City Journal. An excerpt. There’s no thirstier state than California. Its history of water wars, droughts—both natural and manmade—and, according to some, … Continue reading

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Government Ignored Oroville Warnings

It ignored the warnings from its own workers and contractors who knew the spillway was being built on a surface almost sure to fail at some point, and it eventually did. It is always sad to read these kind of stories, … Continue reading

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San Diego Acting to Remove Homeless Camps Along River

They appear to be serious, as this story from the San Diego Union reports, Sacramento, take note! An excerpt. Half a dozen police officers on Thursday scoured the western end of the San Diego River for homeless camps, often detaining … Continue reading

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Fires Starting in Homeless Camps

Homeless camp fires that spark larger fires pose a real danger in our Parkway; and also around the state, as this editorial from the San Francisco Chronicle reports. An excerpt. The fire that closed a San Jose street for two hours … Continue reading

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Shopping Online

As someone who has been doing this for some time now, with the exception of fresh groceries which I still get from my favorite store, Bel Air, this article from New Geography resonates. An excerpt. I was at a friend’s … Continue reading

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Changing Dam’s Operating Tactics May Help Native Fish

Very interesting article from the University of Washington. An excerpt. Dams and fish have never been best friends. Thousands of dams built along U.S. rivers and streams over the last century now provide electricity for homes, store water for agriculture … Continue reading

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