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A great update from Supervisor Sue Frost from her Facebook page:

In September 2017, the County Board of Supervisors approved $5 million in funding for the Parkways and Unincorporated Communities Clean Up and Safety Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to reduce the incidence and mitigate the impact of illegal camping in the American River and Dry Creek Parkways and in the County’s unincorporated communities. Since I received so many questions about this back in September, I wanted to give you an update on how that is going:

Parks Debris Team:

Two of the four Parks Debris Removal teams have been formed and are currently in training working as one team to clear trash and debris from the Parkways. The second team will break off and begin work independently by Monday, February 19. The two teams will focus on the Lower American River Parkway between mile 0 and mile 6 Monday through Friday.

Parks is currently averaging between three and four tons of trash removed per day and are focused on areas that are subject to flooding such as Steelhead Creek, Two Rivers Trail along the south bank of the American River and the undercrossing of 160 near the intersection of Northgate and Del Paso Blvd.

Parks Resource Team:

The first of three Park Resource Team is focusing attention in the same areas as the Parks Debris team, and the Patrol Rangers have been citing camps in the Dry Creek Parkway with clean-up support of the Sheriff Work Crew and Waste Management.

Parks currently has seven Ranger candidates in various stages of the hiring process, and once they are hired and trained, Parks will begin filling the second Park Resource Team. Parks anticipates the second Park Resource Team will be formed near the end of March and the third team in the summer of 2018.

Homeless Outreach Teams:

The teams are fully operational effective January 7. Teams have started reaching out to all stakeholders to make the connections for effective resolutions of the multitude of homeless issues they will encounter.


Safety vehicles have all been ordered. Once received (anticipate February and March), vehicles will require some build up and then will be operational. Dump trucks and Bobcats are in use.

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