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Homeless Housing

Part of the strategy of housing the homeless (or in Sacramento, getting them off the Parkway)  is increasing the development of below market housing and this article from New Geography notes the problems Portland faces in that regard. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy, the Homeless & North Sacramento

This Sacramento Bee article reminds us of why bureaucracy is so often despised, but, as James Q. Wilson notes about the constraints of bureaucracy: “The key constraints are three in number. To a much greater extent than is true of … Continue reading

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Homeless Cleaning up

This program noted by Sacramento CBS is a good one. We suggested it 13 years ago, glad to see its finally being done, see our report at (pp. 34-36) An excerpt from the Sacramento CBS article. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — … Continue reading

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LA Transit Failure, the Norm?

Based on most of the current research, this story about Los Angeles’ failure to entice commuters into transit from their cars from New Geography, has been a big failure, as it has been in Sacramento, see . An excerpt … Continue reading

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Haven for Hope, Model Homeless Facility

In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and local residents and business) needs to be developed—capable of sheltering up to 2 or 3 thousand homeless a night—and we suggest basing it on San Antonio’s Haven for Hope program  especiallyContinue reading

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Seniors Love the Suburbs

Which is common sense as one gets wiser with age. I know I’m a heck of a lot smarter at 75 than I was at 35. Today fully 87% of seniors live in the suburbs (as do we) or exurbs, … Continue reading

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North Sacramento Homeless Facility Increasing Homeless

North Sacramento, which is ground zero in the large-scale and long-term illegal camping by the homeless in the Parkway, warned the city that placing a homeless center in their already over-burdened neighborhood, would increase the problem. It has. This story … Continue reading

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