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San Diego Uses Tents for Homeless

Really big tents, a look at a new strategy from The Guardian. An excerpt. Bob McElroy strode through the busy entrance of the vast, gleaming-white tent, greeting people right and left. The prominent homeless services provider calls the new structure, … Continue reading

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Colorado Knows What to do When its Population Explodes

Increase the water supply, as this story from Water Deeply notes. Be nice if California had the same smarts. An excerpt. Colorado is expected to add 3 million residents by 2050, a 56 percent increase in a state already facing … Continue reading

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Wildflowers are Smart

A very interesting story from AccuWeather. The natural world continues to amaze. An excerpt. California wildflowers outsmarted the extreme drought that has gripped the state, a new study found. Native wildflowers banked seeds underground at a higher rate than normal, … Continue reading

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Suburbs Rule

This article from New Geography explains the trend away from urban areas to the suburbs. An excerpt. The new 2017 US Census Bureau metropolitan area population estimates have been published. They show a significant increase in domestic migration away from the largest … Continue reading

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Hundreds Illegally Camping in Parkway?

That appears to be the consensus and the final line in this article from the Sacramento News & Review; as well as accepted knowledge from those of us who have been paying attention to this issue for years, makes note of that. It … Continue reading

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Raising Shasta Dam

Vital to do this, as we noted in a previous blog post, This article from the Sacramento Bee explores the politics involved in even a minimal raise of 18 feet rather than the best option of 200 feet. An … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers

Great article about them, from Estuary News. An excerpt. Near the end of 2012, the US Army Corps of Engineers released 28,000 acre-feet of water — two-fifths of the maximum winter supply — from Lake Mendocino in Sonoma County. Then … Continue reading

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Privatizing Rivers and Streams Running through Private Property

I would tend to agree with the private land owners on this issue, though the history of public access makes a good point against (probably best to decide case by case) as reported by The Guardian. An excerpt. As Scott Carpenter and … Continue reading

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Raise Shasta to Intended Height of 800 feet from Current Height of 600

This would help solve several water issues in California: drought, flooding, energy. Great article from Brietbart. An excerpt. The next battle between the State of California and the Trump administration — after clashes over the environment, “sanctuary” laws, and the … Continue reading

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Will Feds Change Water Policy in California?

We certainly hope so and this article from UC Berkeley’s California Magazine, though decrying the possibility, notes that it will probably happen, good news for the common sense approach to water policy. An excerpt. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent … Continue reading

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