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Privatizing Rivers and Streams Running through Private Property

I would tend to agree with the private land owners on this issue, though the history of public access makes a good point against (probably best to decide case by case) as reported by The Guardian. An excerpt. As Scott Carpenter and … Continue reading

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Raise Shasta to Intended Height of 800 feet from Current Height of 600

This would help solve several water issues in California: drought, flooding, energy. Great article from Brietbart. An excerpt. The next battle between the State of California and the Trump administration — after clashes over the environment, “sanctuary” laws, and the … Continue reading

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Will Feds Change Water Policy in California?

We certainly hope so and this article from UC Berkeley’s California Magazine, though decrying the possibility, notes that it will probably happen, good news for the common sense approach to water policy. An excerpt. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent … Continue reading

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California’s Dense Suburbs

Contrary to the narrative favored by environmentalists/urbanists, they are really dense, as this article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. Many observers think California urban areas are more geographically expansive (“lower density” or to use the pejorative term, more “sprawling”) … Continue reading

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Expensive Train

California’s Bullet Train’s costs just soared some more, as the Los Angeles Times reports. An excerpt. The price of the California bullet train project jumped sharply Friday when the state rail authority announced that the cost of connecting Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Results of Removal of 700 Homeless from River Parkway in Orange County

Sad and tragic that people have to live like this and that our natural areas have to become so polluted and dangerous, as this story we’ve been following from the OC Register reports. In our area, a strategy helping the … Continue reading

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Hatcheries & Raising Salmon in Flooded Rice Fields

Good article from the Fisheries Blog. An excerpt. Recent research indicates that poor performance of hatchery fish may stem more from the their environmental experiences than from their genetics.  Some older theories that suggested that hatchery fish were just raised … Continue reading

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