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Cleaning Homeless Camps Hazardous

Excellent article from the Sacramento Bee reminding us what’s out there as a result of illegal camping. An excerpt. Under a freeway overpass, beneath a busy bridge, the ragged tents and shopping carts multiply, communities of human beings glimpsed in the … Continue reading

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Warming Calls for Auburn Dam, Fast.

This article from the Sacramento Bee reports why it is imperative to build Auburn Dam quickly. An excerpt. It was the greatest flood in recorded California history, 43 days of rain and snow that swamped the state, killed thousands of … Continue reading

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Infinite Suburbia

This is an astounding book for anyone interested in an in-depth look, and I wrote about it in a post in January, read at Here is an excerpt from one of the articles I was just reading. “A number … Continue reading

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Some Dam Progress

Looks good, hope it actually happens; if so, a good beginning to rectify decades of inaction. Excerpt from Sacramento Bee. California took a big step Friday toward launching a new multibillion-dollar wave of reservoir construction. After being accused of being … Continue reading

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Homeless in California

An informative article about that from Associated Press. An excerpt. LOS ANGELES (AP) — California is doing a poor job of sheltering the nation’s largest homeless population and needs to provide statewide leadership to address the problem, the state auditor … Continue reading

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Street Smart Birds

A fascinating article from Aeon Magazine. An excerpt. A crumbling concrete wall, a ramp and a vast expanse of asphalt on which identical silvery-grey sedans are slowly circling and zigzagging between traffic cones. It does not seem like much but, … Continue reading

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Suburbs, Where Everyone Goes?

It is beginning to seem like it, as this article from the Orange County Register reports. An excerpt. Over the past decade, the old urban model, long favored by most media and academia, became the harbinger of the new city. … Continue reading

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Raising Shasta Dam

It looks like this might—finally—actually happen, wonderful news for the entire state’s water situation, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. An excerpt. WASHINGTON — Congress and the Trump administration are pushing ahead with a plan to raise a towering … Continue reading

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Help With Illegal Campers

Too bad it had to come to this, but thankful for the railroad’s help, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. Trains along the popular Capitol Corridor are running later than before, and homeless camps are partly … Continue reading

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Science or Politics?

A good look at the question, from City Journal. An excerpt. Imagine if the head of a federal agency announced a new policy for its scientific research: from now on, the agency would no longer allow its studies to be … Continue reading

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