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Raising Shasta Dam

It looks like this might—finally—actually happen, wonderful news for the entire state’s water situation, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle. An excerpt. WASHINGTON — Congress and the Trump administration are pushing ahead with a plan to raise a towering … Continue reading

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Help With Illegal Campers

Too bad it had to come to this, but thankful for the railroad’s help, as this story from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. Trains along the popular Capitol Corridor are running later than before, and homeless camps are partly … Continue reading

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Science or Politics?

A good look at the question, from City Journal. An excerpt. Imagine if the head of a federal agency announced a new policy for its scientific research: from now on, the agency would no longer allow its studies to be … Continue reading

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Homeless Housed in Back Yard?

When you read something like this, it really focuses on the mind-set of all too many politicians. An excerpt from the Sacramento Bee article. Not in my backyard” protests helped block homeless housing in Temple City, delayed it in Boyle Heights and, … Continue reading

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Common Sense on Water Storage

It is represented in this Dan Walter’s column in the Sacramento Bee but hasn’t been exhibited by California leadership for decades, but hope springs eternal, does it not? An excerpt from the Bee article. The first thing to remember about … Continue reading

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ARPPS Newsletter, Spring 2018, Two Rivers Trail

American River Parkway Preservation Society Newsletter: Issue 58 – Spring 2018 ________________________________________________________ Contents Announcement:   Article about ARPPS                                                                  Page 1 Essay: Two Rivers Trail                                                                                                Page 1 Society Information:                                                                                              Page 6 ________________________________________________________ Announcement: Article about ARPPS Inside Publications published an … Continue reading

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Suburban Living is the Dream for the Majority

As well-noted in this article from New Geography. An excerpt. The suburban house is the idealization of the immigrant’s dream—the vassal’s dream of his own castle. Europeans who come here are delighted by our suburbs. Not to live in an … Continue reading

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