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Politics & Homelessness

It is getting intense but some common sense is emerging in San Francisco, as this article from The New York Times reports. An excerpt. SAN FRANCISCO — In the bluest of blue cities, it can be hard to tell political … Continue reading

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Helping the Homeless

In our area, a strategy helping the homeless and local residents and business needs to be developed—capable of sheltering up to 2 or 3 thousand homeless a night—and we suggest basing it on San Antonio’s Haven for Hope program  especiallyContinue reading

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Parkway’s Governing Agency Makes Grants

The Wildlife Conservation Board, the Parkway’s new governing agency, makes some grants, as this report from Maven’s Notebook reveals. The report. At its May 24 quarterly meeting, the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) approved approximately $13 million in grants to help … Continue reading

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Cleaning up Clear Lake

Anyone who has been to Clear Lake has seen the plant growth clogging the water over the years—many many years—but it appears technology has finally arrived that is addressing the problem effectively, as reported by the Press Democrat. Clear Lake … Continue reading

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New Suburban Development in Folsom

This is very good news, more homes in the suburban communities where a majority of Americans want to live, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. The most anticipated new housing community in the Sacramento region goes “vertical” next week … Continue reading

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Infinite Suburbia Excerpt

Another excerpt from this tremendous book I wrote about in an earlier post, The excerpt. Suburban residential landscapes are popularly understood to be socially and environmentally homogeneous places where expanses of mown lawn appear in an alternating rhythm of … Continue reading

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Save Don’t Pave, Two Rivers Trail

The folks at Save Don’t Pave , who want to save their River Park neighborhood natural Parkway trail from paving and becoming a bike speedway, have put together a brief and clear slide show explaining their position and it … Continue reading

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Cover Cropping

According to News Deeply, this ancient practice is slowly being revived, which is good for farmers and our food supply. An excerpt. This spring in California several orchards around Solano and nearby counties sported a new look: lush carpets of … Continue reading

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Bike Lanes & Cars

Reducing space for cars to add space for bikes—as Sacramento is planning to do once again—can cause problems, as this article from City Lab explains, with hat tip to Urbanexus Update – Issue #8, . An excerpt. On a … Continue reading

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Saving Central Park

A great review of the book, Saving Central Park: A History and a Memoir, by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, on how it was done, providing a philosophical guidebook to saving our own Parkway, from the Wall Street Journal, and it is … Continue reading

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