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California Dams

Their future looks good—possibly— as this story from Ag Alert, explains. The story. Amid a flood of concern regarding a state proposal to divert more water to the ocean, a Cabinet secretary visited two of the affected reservoirs and a … Continue reading

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California, Not Looking so Good?

That is the conclusion in this article from City Journal, which agrees with many other analysis’ out there. An excerpt. Progressives praise California as the harbinger of the political future, the home of a new, enlightened, multicultural America. Missouri Senator … Continue reading

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Using Dams as Power Storage

Wow, if this technology works, and this article from the New York Times is very positive that it will, it will put a whole different spin on the value of dams, though the environmental lobby will still fight the building … Continue reading

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Money for Dams

About time, but still needs to get built, story from the San Francisco Chronicle. An excerpt. For the first time since California’s dam-building boom ended nearly a half century ago, state officials on Tuesday approved a windfall of cash for … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Best Solution is Local

Excellent article from the Ethics & Public Policy Center. An excerpt. We Americans are living through a complicated social crisis, and are having trouble seeing our way to renewal. One facet of the crisis is a breakdown of our public … Continue reading

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Capitalism can Solve Global Warming

A very sensible article from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. Together, science and capitalism built the modern world. But across the political spectrum, both are under attack. If we are to solve our greatest challenges, including climate change, we … Continue reading

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Seattle, Homelessness, & Tiny Houses

A good place to take a look at how the tiny houses method (which Sacramento has considered) can pan out, from the Seattle Times. An excerpt. The message had a hopeful tone: After months of delay, Nickelsville Ballard — one … Continue reading

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