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New Court Decision Impacts Illegal Camping

According to this news article from Sacramento County, unbelievable! The article. Appeals Case Impacts Illegal Camping Ordinance 9/18/2018   A federal court decision has ruled that illegal camping ordinances are unconstitutional and that local governments cannot cite or arrest anyone … Continue reading

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It’s Dangerous out There

This article from the Los Angeles Times offers more evidence for why we need to improve our local homeless service situation. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and local residents and business who suffer the impacts) needs to … Continue reading

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Driverless Cars and the Future?

An interesting look at that from City Journal. An excerpt. Driverless cars and trucks—or autonomous vehicles (AV)—offer a tantalizing promise of safer and unclogged roadways. In 2017, 37,150 people died in accidents on America’s roads, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety … Continue reading

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California’s Troubles

As follow up to yesterday’s post, this article from American Thinker may reveal the reasons. An excerpt. With crime soaring, rampant homelessness, sanctuary state status attracting the highest illegal immigrant population in the country and its “worst state in the … Continue reading

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People Leaving California

Interesting article from New Geography about this. An excerpt. California is the great role model for America, particularly if you read the Eastern press. Yet few boosters have yet to confront the fact that the state is continuing to hemorrhage … Continue reading

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On the Ground

Woodlake and North Sacramento are—and have been for years—ground zero in the struggle against illegal camping in the Parkway and the best place to keep abreast of what they are dealing with is the Facebook page American River Parkway Woodlake … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up the Ocean

An amazing technology—pray it works—as this story from the New York Times reports. An excerpt. A multimillion-dollar floating boom designed to corral plastic debris littering the Pacific Ocean deployed from San Francisco Bay on Saturday as part of a larger … Continue reading

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