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Solid Common Sense on Homelessness

A great article from Christopher F. Rufo in Seattle describing their situation, which fits Sacramento all too well, and he offers sound, researched solutions to solving the emergency. An excerpt. Abstract The City of Seattle has failed to address its … Continue reading

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Press Release

October 26, 2018, Sacramento, California Homeless Transformation Campus A primary question being asked right now when discussing removing the homeless illegally camping in the Parkway or anywhere in the region is, “Where will they go?” Though our concern is with … Continue reading

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Parkway Camping Update

Good story from Sacramento News & Review about the response of city and county. Excerpts. Sacramento County leaders last week grappled with the legal implications of their anti-camping ordinance and then declared an official shelter crisis. The latter move puts … Continue reading

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Good Water News for California

As reported by the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. President Trump today signed an order directing his regulators to more efficiently deliver water in California and other Western states, in a move that could help Republican incumbents in tight congressional … Continue reading

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Importing Oil Rather Than Using Our Own

That’s what California is doing as reported by CFACT. An excerpt. The latest data from the California Energy Commission (CEC), shows that California fuel consumption is at the highest level since 2009, thus continuation of the state’s dependency on foreign … Continue reading

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Lot of Money, Little Action

A bunch more money is flowing into the various homeless services coffers in our area, according to this story from Sacramento County News, but very little seems to be happening in terms of actually reducing homelessness, especially the illegal (arguably … Continue reading

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Homeless Camping Update from County Supervisor Sue Frost

These timely updates from Supervisor Frost are deeply appreciated and here is the latest. The Update In September of this year, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in the case Martin v. Boise which ruled local governments … Continue reading

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Branding Sacramento

As Sacramento struggles to find a branding strategy that works; Destination City –ridiculous on its face, whereas “great place to raise a family” is more authentic–seemingly the standard fall-back, this insightful article from the Manhattan Institute offers some guidance. An … Continue reading

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Homeless Crime Downtown

What is described in this story from the Sacramento Bee has been going on for years downtown–with precious little media coverage—further validating the failure of public leadership’s current approach to homelessness. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

I still lean toward support of this project, which woud be a great enhancement of California tranportation options, but man, the costs are getting out of hand, as this article from the Modesto Bee reports. An excerpt. Jerry Brown did … Continue reading

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