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Branding Sacramento

As Sacramento struggles to find a branding strategy that works; Destination City –ridiculous on its face, whereas “great place to raise a family” is more authentic–seemingly the standard fall-back, this insightful article from the Manhattan Institute offers some guidance. An … Continue reading

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Homeless Crime Downtown

What is described in this story from the Sacramento Bee has been going on for years downtown–with precious little media coverage—further validating the failure of public leadership’s current approach to homelessness. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

I still lean toward support of this project, which woud be a great enhancement of California tranportation options, but man, the costs are getting out of hand, as this article from the Modesto Bee reports. An excerpt. Jerry Brown did … Continue reading

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Locke, Uncertain Future?

Good story from the California Sun, about one of our family’s favorite places and you can join the Locke Foundation at to help out.. An excerpt. Perched along a river bank in the California Delta is the only surviving … Continue reading

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The Legal Case Saying Homeless can Camp in Public: Update

This story from Sacramento News & Review updates the current state (as of a few days ago anyway) of the recent case. An excerpt. The city of Sacramento seems intent on going down with the ship when it comes to … Continue reading

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Parkway Fire

According to this story from the Sacrament Bee, (clearly related to the previous blog post)  the Two Alarm fire broke out at Mile Marker 3, right in the center of the primary homeless illegal camping area, Saturday October 6. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Cutting Trees Down in Parkway

This article in the Sacramento Bee about the conflict stirred up by PG&E planning to cut trees down near its power lines is good in explaining how some environmental organizations don’t see the forest for the trees. The Parkway—especially in … Continue reading

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