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Thanksgiving Break

I’ll be taking off from blogging for Thanksgiving, back December 3rd .. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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St. Francis Dam

This article from the Los Angeles Times is a grim reminder that big dams should be built by big government and this one was not; built by the city of Los Angeles and it failed due to bad engineering, as … Continue reading

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California Forest Management

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes about it. An excerpt. One problem with President Trump’s bullying rhetorical style is that he gives his critics reason to ignore him even when he has a point. Consider his weekend threat to … Continue reading

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Global Super Tanker

This is the ultimate fire-fighting weapon and, considering the cost of lives and property loss from California fires over the past decades, and the difficulty firefighters on the ground have accessing mountainous areas where some of the worst fires seem … Continue reading

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California’s Oil

It has more than anyone else in the country, but by choosing not to extract it, billions of dollars are sent out yearly to purchase oil, as this article from New Geography cites. An excerpt. California is home to the largest crude … Continue reading

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Zoo to Old Kings Arena Site

This is a wonderful idea, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. What we really like about the Sacramento Zoo is that it’s an example of how well a nonprofit can manage, in contract with the city, a priceless public heritage; … Continue reading

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Why Feds Need to Build & Manage Major Dams.

This article from the Sacramento Bee makes the point clearly that the states do not have the money or expertise needed to do the job right. Excerpts. Federal regulators are raising new concerns about the troubled Oroville Dam, telling California … Continue reading

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