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Homeless Cleaning up Parkway

A great idea in this Sacramento Bee article and one we floated—and did some work on—as reported in our 2005 Research Report: The American River Parkway Lower Reach Area: A Corroded Crown Jewel; Restoring the Luster, at (pp. 34-36) … Continue reading

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Tech Job Growth

A nice follow up to yesterday’s post, this also from City Journal. An excerpt. The decisions by Amazon and Google to expand into the New York area have led some pundits to claim that the nation’s high-tech economic future will … Continue reading

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Urban Renewal??

An excellent article from City Journal that urban revitalization has not been all as promised. An excerpt. After drifting toward decrepitude since the 1970s, many core cities have experienced real, often bracing, turnarounds. Yet concern is growing that the revitalization … Continue reading

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New Bureau of Reclamation Leader

Coming on board in our region, as reported by the Appeal Democrat. An excerpt. Marysville native Ernest Conant recently stepped into a new position this week as the mid-Pacific regional director of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation where he will … Continue reading

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Storms Fill Reservoirs

Yes, looking good on the water storage front, as reported by the LA Times An excerpt. Storms swept through California in recent weeks, drenching striking teachers and blocking roads with debris flows in recent burn areas, but they weren’t all … Continue reading

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City Council’s Homeless Plan

It’s better than nothing—as reported by the Sacramento Bee—but still very intrusive and potentially dangerous for homes and businesses that are near to any of these planned sites. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and local residents and … Continue reading

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Homeless Camp Waste is Toxic Storm Discharge

As reported by this story from CBS Local News. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Wednesday’s massive storm had rivers rising all around our area. In Sacramento County, the surge of water swept away toxic waste from homeless camps and sent it … Continue reading

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Supervisor Frost Reports on Homeless Program

This is very good news, posted on Supervisor Frost’s  Facebook page. The Facebook Post: At the beginning of 2018, Sacramento County launched an ambitious new program that attempted to prioritize getting the 250 homeless people who cost the most amount of … Continue reading

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Lot of Water, No Place to Store

Auburn Dam sure looks good about now, as this story from the Weather Channel notes a lot of rain coming. An excerpt. California will be under a siege of storm systems this week that will send rounds of soaking rain … Continue reading

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Desalinization News and It’s Real Good

Especially for California, and it comes from US News & World Report. If we would invest in this technlogy and more in nuclear energy California would actually be the forward leading place it now mistakenly claims to be. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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