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Suburban Decline Narrative Overstated

According to this story from the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies. An excerpt. The traditional image of suburbs in the United States is one of middle-class, white, family households owning single-family homes. But recent patterns of increasing poverty, … Continue reading

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UBER, Another Look

This excellent story about Uber—I love the service—from The New Yorker notes the larger transportation/congestion related issues. An excerpt. Last September, Uber rolled out a rebranding campaign. A new television commercial showed car doors being flung open and the young … Continue reading

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We Got Summer Water

Do we! Yes indeed and see how much in this story from the Los Angeles Times. An excerpt. The snow piling onto the Sierra Nevada could be considered more of a snow pile-on at this point. That’s because several feet … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

It’s too bad this project, which would be a wondrous benefit to California, is on uncertain grounds, as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. It’s been a dream for years in California’s sprawling Central Valley. Sleek bullet … Continue reading

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Western City Skylines, Sacramento Included, Profiled

This is a great article from the Washington Post about the raising of the skylines in many cities, including Sacramento, with great graphics. An excerpt. At the entrance to Sacramento, a largely low-rise government town that is among California’s oldest … Continue reading

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North Coast Great Redwood Trail

If this comes to pass, as the Press Democrat writes, it would be a great big WOW! An excerpt. The first steps toward making a more than 300-mile walking and cycling trail from the San Francisco Bay to Humboldt Bay, … Continue reading

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Nuclear, Still the Best Option

As this article from the City Journal explains. An excerpt. At the heart of the sprawling Indian Point Energy Center, 30 miles up the Hudson River from Manhattan, stands a modest, oblate structure easy to overlook at first glance. The … Continue reading

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