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Crown Shyness

Think trees don’t think, this is a fascinating article from Wikipedia, where I followed up after reading this article at . An excerpt. Crown shyness (also canopy disengagement,[1] canopy shyness,[2] or intercrown spacing[3]) is a phenomenon observed in some … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Rivers & Auburn Dam

Atmospheric rivers of rain will increase, according to this article from Yale Climate Connections, and if so, California needs more storage capacity, and for our area, that means Auburn Dam; which the Bureau of Reclamation still considers an alternative, according … Continue reading

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Water is For Fighting

I believe it was Mark Twain who said, “whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting”, anyway, the old California battle rages on, as this article from the San Francisco Chronicle, reports. An excerpt. CLEMENTS, San Joaquin County — When … Continue reading

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Call for Action on Homelessness

Pretty good, from the Sacramento Bee, and note the Parkway reference, highlighted below. An excerpt. Homelessness is not as pronounced or overwhelming in Sacramento as it is in Seattle, San Francisco, Berkeley and Los Angeles. But it could be in … Continue reading

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Great Overview of Our Water Year, So Far

And it is still getting better, as this story from the Washington Post reports. An excerpt. The past week has been lovely for enjoying California’s outdoor splendor, with warm temperatures and clear, blue skies ushering in a welcome change from … Continue reading

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Mass Transit, Another Failure

Remind you of Sacramento? This story from New Geography notes the continued affection for rail transit, outmoded as it has been for years. An excerpt. Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD) has entered what is known in the transit industry as … Continue reading

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Homeless Options

The Sacramento Bee examined some other strategies in other cities, but forgot the best one, the one in San Antonio. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and local residents and business who suffer the impacts) needs to be … Continue reading

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Delta is New National Heritage Area

This is very good news from The Reporter, and news we hope someday can be said about the American River Watershed, including the Parkway, for its distinctive historical importance—the Gold Rush being the prime example—as noted in our 2007 Research … Continue reading

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False Transit Narrative Again Proven False

The idea that mass transit reduces traffic congestion is, once again, proven false, as New Geography reports. An excerpt. The Reason Foundation has just published an important review of transit in Los Angeles County, by transportation consultant Thomas A. Rubin … Continue reading

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Homeless Camps Anywhere

Or close to it, as this story from City Journal about pending legislation in Washington State reports. An excerpt. The Washington legislature is one step closer to legalizing homeless encampments statewide. Last week, Democratic lawmakers passed through committee legislation, introduced … Continue reading

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