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Delta is New National Heritage Area

This is very good news from The Reporter, and news we hope someday can be said about the American River Watershed, including the Parkway, for its distinctive historical importance—the Gold Rush being the prime example—as noted in our 2007 Research … Continue reading

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False Transit Narrative Again Proven False

The idea that mass transit reduces traffic congestion is, once again, proven false, as New Geography reports. An excerpt. The Reason Foundation has just published an important review of transit in Los Angeles County, by transportation consultant Thomas A. Rubin … Continue reading

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Homeless Camps Anywhere

Or close to it, as this story from City Journal about pending legislation in Washington State reports. An excerpt. The Washington legislature is one step closer to legalizing homeless encampments statewide. Last week, Democratic lawmakers passed through committee legislation, introduced … Continue reading

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Sacramento Among Top Ten Most Aggressive Drivers

No. 3 to be exact, which is a big surprise,thought we were pretty mellow; LA, yes, the worst. If you can drive there you can drive anywhere, story from MSN News. An excerpt. The analysts assessed the frequency of speeding, … Continue reading

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Suburbs Rule

As anti-suburban types continue the narrative that urban areas outperform suburban ones, the truth is the reverse, as this story by Richard Florida, from City Lab reports. An excerpt. A new study finds that suburban neighborhoods outperform urban ones across … Continue reading

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Important Water Storage Legislation Proposed

Chances of its passage in the new House is iffy, but good legislation anyway, as reported by Maven’s Notebook. An excerpt. Congressman Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation today that would repurpose recovered Federal funding from the California High-Speed Rail project to … Continue reading

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Water Wasted

It is wasted, as this story from Fox News reports, because California has not built any water storage for decades. An excerpt. LOS ANGELES — California’s rainy season could be the wettest in 40 years, but experts say the state … Continue reading

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