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More Water Storage?

Good news, maybe, on that front from the Modesto Bee. An excerpt. A congressional bill includes almost $14 million in funding for water projects in the Central Valley and Northern California. Rep. Josh Harder, D-Turlock, said he was successful in … Continue reading

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Solving Homelessness

An excellent article from California Globe examining the issue. An excerpt. Los Angeles could be at risk of a deadly typhus epidemic this summer according to Dr. Drew Pinsky, an outspoken celebrity doctor and specialist in addiction medicine. Pinsky, a … Continue reading

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Peer to Peer Car Sharing

This looks like a great idea, article from New Geography.  An excerpt. While the media tends to studiously report – and often sensationalize – the latest developments involving Airbnb, e-scooters, and ride-hailing (especially Lyft and Uber), another booming “sharing economy” … Continue reading

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California Interior Growing Faster than Coast

Interesting story from New Geography.  An excerpt. A major shift took place in California’s population growth — which has fallen below the national average — over the past eight years. The latest Census Bureau population estimates (for July 1, 2018) … Continue reading

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Suburbs Rule

More evidence of that fact, from American Affairs. An excerpt. A metropolitan economy, if it is working well, is constantly transforming many poor people into middle-class people, many illiterates into skilled people, many greenhorns into competent citizens. . . . … Continue reading

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Los Angeles & Sacramento Worst for STEM Jobs

According to this study from the American Enterprise Institute. An excerpt. A new study from the AEI Housing Center examines the 30 metro areas with the highest number of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) jobs in 2018, and ranks … Continue reading

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Environmentalist Movement in Historical Context

This is a very important and informative article from New Geography. An excerpt. The notion that an ever growing and/or wealthier population can only deliver environmental doom has been the standard foundational belief of the modern environmental movement. The latest … Continue reading

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