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Ancient Trees

Wow, tree over 2,600 years old in North Carolina, study from IOP Science. The Abstract. Abstract Bald cypress trees over 2,000-years old have been discovered in the forested wetlands along Black River using dendrochronology and radiocarbon dating. The oldest bald … Continue reading

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Homeless & Levees, Best Article Yet

From the Daily Mail, this is the best compilation yet of print and photos of this very scary situation. An excerpt. Homeless encampments along the Sacramento [and American] river are damaging flood levees and could be putting more than 100,000 … Continue reading

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City Calls For More Talk, Talk

Though talking can be good, the immediate problem is obvious, as this story from CBS 13 reports, so clearing camps from the levees seems simple enough, just requiring the political will to do so. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — In … Continue reading

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New Dam in California?

Super good news, if it happens, from the San Francisco Chronicle. An excerpt. Up a remote canyon in the towering eastern Sierra, a Southern California company has an ambitious plan to dam the area’s cold, rushing waters and build one … Continue reading

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Rainy U. S.

Best rain year, ever, for the country, as reported by the Washington Post. An excerpt. In just over a year’s time, the nation’s rainfall fortunes have shifted suddenly and dramatically. Rainfall famine has turned to rainfall feast. Thanks to its … Continue reading

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Homeless Digging Into Levees, Flood Danger!

This report from CBS Sacramento is scary. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There’s a growing threat to the levees that protect areas of Sacramento from flooding, and the city is not doing much to stop it. “This is public infrastructure … Continue reading

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The Homeless, the Dream & the Nightmare

This was posted back in 2012—the Bee link no longer works—and I see little evidence that much has changed. Tragically, this advocacy piece in the Sacramento Bee, while noting the importance of connecting the hand-out to the hand-up, veers back into normative … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up Homeless Camps is Dangerous

That case is being made–people cleaning up Parkway camps already know it to be true–as this article from the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. Union complaints over homeless camp cleanup led California’s workplace safety enforcer to fine the state’s transportation … Continue reading

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Cities as Labor Markets

This article with the same name, from City Journal, is very interesting. An excerpt. Crack open your city’s comprehensive plan—intended as a broad vision for municipalities over the course of five to ten years—and you’ll find a document that reads … Continue reading

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Forest Fires & Water Storage

The connection is obvious but more fully explored in this story as reported by Science Daily. An excerpt. Forest fires are causing snow to melt earlier in the season, a trend occurring across the western U.S. that may affect water … Continue reading

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