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Homelessness in LA, A Primer

Completing a trifecta this week about homelessness in California, this article from New Geography is superb. An excerpt. I’ll start by giving you all a chance to consider some basic questions that Mayor Eric Garcetti and his staff failed to … Continue reading

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Tragic What’s Happened to San Francisco

For years we used to love to drive to San Francisco, park somewhere around Union Square and just wander around, shopping, dining, enjoying the people and the views; but those days have long gone and this article by Michael Snyder … Continue reading

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Homeless Crisis Solutions?

While this editorial from the Sacramento Bee, focuses on the lack of affordable housing with some logic as the gentrification of the many skid rows (Old Sacramento being just one example) across the country, has led to a marked … Continue reading

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Fighting Fires with Technology

Great article about this from the New York Times. An excerpt. LOS ANGELES — As out-of-control wildfires in the West grow more frequent and more intense, fire departments in Southern California are looking to big data and artificial intelligence to … Continue reading

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A Great Salmon Story

This is from the Daily Democrat, and reminds us of the important work being done by UC Davis. An excerpt. A team of researchers is waiting to learn how many of the small chinook salmon that were raised on the … Continue reading

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Is Addiction the Issue Rather than Lack of Housing?

That’s the thesis of this worth-thinking-about homelessness article from City Journal. An excerpt. By latest count, some 109,089 men and women are sleeping on the streets of major cities in California, Oregon, and Washington. The homelessness crisis in these cities has … Continue reading

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Another for the Are You Kidding Me File

Yep, hydroelectric power is not a renewable energy resource, according to the California Legislature’s Democratic members, as reported by the Foundation for Economic Education. An excerpt. Anna Caballero, a Democratic state senator from a district near me in California, had … Continue reading

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