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Self-Driving Cars Way Off in Future

That’s according to this article from the New York Times and no one should be surprised given the complications on our roadways. An excerpt. “A year ago, Detroit and Silicon Valley had visions of putting thousands of self-driving taxis on … Continue reading

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Salmon back in the San Joaquin

This is very god news from the Department of Water Resources. An excerpt. “The San Joaquin River – the second longest river in California – was once home to one of the largest populations of spring-run Chinook salmon, a species … Continue reading

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Homeless Crisis Is Destroying ‘Jewel Of Sacramento’

A story thus entitled contains an absolute much watch video of a 4 minute bike ride by Marcus Breton of the Sacramento Bee and George Warren of Channel 13, along the Parkway trail showing the countless tents, once again documenting … Continue reading

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Gentrification Examined

And done so well in this article from City Journal. An excerpt. For many on the Left, gentrification remains a dirty word, synonymous—or at least closely associated—with racism, oligarchic developers, neoliberalism, and even genocide. Fortunately, not all gentrification-watchers are so … Continue reading

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Could this Woodland site be the solution to homelessness?

An article with that title appeared on the Channel 10 News site reporting on a project apparently modeled after Haven for Hope in San Antonio we have long advocated for Sacramento. In our area, a strategy helping the homeless (and … Continue reading

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Yolo Bypass, Great News

That it is being expanded is very good news, from Lake County News. An excerpt. SACRAMENTO – The Department of Water Resources has secured final state and federal approval for a project that will expand a migration corridor for fish … Continue reading

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Replacing Grass with Plants

It is a good idea, as this article from Meeting of the Minds notes, hat tip to Urban Exus, An excerpt. “When it comes to water sustainability and climate resilience, urban outdoor landscapes represent a wealth of opportunity. “Outdoor … Continue reading

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The Nation State

An absolute must read from the Wall Street Journal, and while reading, remember the principle of subsidiarity. Excerpts. No one saw it coming—that the next big thing of the 21st century would be the nation-state, an idea from the 17th. … Continue reading

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Technology to get Salmon over Dams

This is huge and may remove one of the major arguments for not building Auburn Dam! Article from KOMO News. An excerpt. SEATTLE — A Seattle company called Whooshh Innovations (link to their website, ) has developed a creative way … Continue reading

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Suburbs, Why the Hate?

It’s not really too complicated and flows from the same ideology that hates cars, dams, and anything else that represents American progress and comfort, as this article from City Journal explains. An excerpt. A critical component in the rise of … Continue reading

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