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Homelessness & Transit Budget Waste?

Excellent article from California Globe. An excerpt. “Many cities in the United States are experiencing an overwhelming increase in the number of homeless people occupying the streets, leading many citizens to take action. Recently, in lower Manhattan, residents were so … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles, Big Changes Pending

They are big and widespread as more knowledge about them grows, but still pending, as this article from New Geography explains. An excerpt. “For years the EV’s owners have benefitted from Federal subsidies (financed by the working class) and have … Continue reading

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Fighting the Boise Decision

It was the worst decision in years impeding local governments from dealing effectively with homelessness, but fortunately, California, including Sacramento, is involved in trying to overturn it, as this Sacramento Bee article reports. We hope the efforts are successful. An … Continue reading

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Serious Homeless Issues in Land Park

Important story, and very sad for the folks—residents and the homeless—involved, reported in this article from California Globe. An excerpt. “When you ask residents of Land Park in Sacramento why they chose to buy a home here, many times sacrificing … Continue reading

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White House Report on Homelessness

An excellent report on Homelessness has just been released by the White House. An excerpt. “Over half a million Americans go homeless on a single night in the United States. About 35 percent (just under 200,000) are found sleeping unsheltered … Continue reading

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Public Transportation Service?

This great article from New Geography explains why it is questionable. An excerpt. “In our system of government, the public sector is, well, supposed to serve the public. But increasingly the bureaucracies at the state and local level increasingly seek … Continue reading

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Mental Health Money for Homeless, Where is it?

That’s what this important story from California Globe asks. An excerpt. “As the Sacramento Bee reports, the number of homeless people in Sacramento County has increased to 5,570, a jump of 52 percent from 2017. In February, Gov. Gavin Newsom … Continue reading

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