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Urbanism, Two Forms

An excellent article from New Geography explaining the difference. An excerpt. “New Urbanism is like a virus. For 50 years it keeps coming back in mutated forms. It needs a cure. “First, the only thing new in New Urbanism is … Continue reading

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Homelessness & Public Safety, California Waking Up?

Let’s hope so—as the state has proven to be a national trend setter for decades—and this recent poll from the California Chamber says maybe. An excerpt. “California voters are anxious. “Reports of steady growth and low unemployment cheer political leaders, … Continue reading

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Homelessness in Sacramento, The Counter Narrative

The narrative put forth by local leadership is that the homeless in Sacramento are Sacramento resident’s (mostly families with children) primarily down on their luck and victims of not enough low income housing. This article from California Globe reveals a … Continue reading

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Public Camping by Homeless in Austin Texas

The last paragraph—unintended consequences causing chaos—of this excerpt from the Wall Street Journal kind of says it all. The excerpt. “AUSTIN, Texas—In 10 years of off-and-on homelessness, Rebecca Wallace has lived in the shadows of Texas’ capital city. Once, while … Continue reading

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Homeless Proposal

It is good to see some homeless transformational thinking on this, as reported in the Sacramento Bee. When you have hundreds camping in the Parkway on a regular basis, many who have been there for years, thinking about housing hundreds … Continue reading

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Excellent Article on Federal New Water Plan for California

This is so good and well balanced I’ve posted the entire article; a great follow up to yesterday’s post. Here it is. “Trump Plan Delivers More Water for Valley Farmers “gvwire “October 22, 2019 “The Trump administration unveiled a new … Continue reading

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Very Good News

On the water front from Cal Matters. An excerpt. “Water is at the center of California’s economic and environmental health. The need to maintain reliable water supply for California’s farms, families and cities while protecting the environment has been at … Continue reading

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Homeless Helping Clean Parkway

Every little bit helps, but since the trash largely comes from the homeless illegally camping there—and the article from Channel 3 reports just how long some people have been camping there—it is very good that they are helping clean it … Continue reading

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ARPPS Annual Report Online

It is now online at and here is the introduction: Introduction This has been one of the worst years ever for the Parkway with the rampant proliferation of homeless encampments and the related problems this has caused; including fires, … Continue reading

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Floating Fiberglass Ocean Islands?

This invention, profiled in Business Insider, has interesting possibilities. An excerpt. A tiny fiberglass island is bobbing up and down in the San Francisco Bay right now. From far away, it looks like a beluga whale poking through the water. … Continue reading

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