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25% Of Nation’s Homeless in California

Very informative article from Channel 3. An excerpt. “More than half a million people are homeless in the United States and California is the epicenter of the crisis, with encampments expanding in every major city, encroaching on residential neighborhoods and … Continue reading

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Removing Nitrates from Water

With potentially great results for California farmers; good article from Capitol Journal. An excerpt. “Kara Nell likens her work to developing a very special claw game. Nell, an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Minnesota Morris, is trying … Continue reading

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Money For the Parkway

According to the preliminary agenda for the meeting of the Wildlife Conservation Board, the Parkway’s governing agency. See the agenda link at

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Reducing Homeless Camping in the Parkway?

Though a big maybe, but this new ordinance could help—if they actually enforce it in light of the Federal case allowing public camping when not enough beds are available for the homeless—as reported by Channel 3. An excerpt. “A new … Continue reading

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Atmospheric River Research

An excellent article about it from Cal Matters. An excerpt. “We were flying about 200 nautical miles off the coast of California when a voice over the headset reported a strong smell of fuel in the back of the plane. … Continue reading

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It’s the Silence

A beautiful article from Aeon reminding us why we need the Parkway, why we need to be able to safely access it at anytime and anywhere. An excerpt. “I walk from south to north on the peripatos, the path encircling … Continue reading

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News from California on Homeless Policy

Not much news, lots of words, as this article from City Journal reports. An excerpt. “California governor Gavin Newsom devoted almost his entire State of the State address to homelessness, though observers who follow the issue recognized no new analysis … Continue reading

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Homeless Camp Clean-Up

Unfortunately, the concentration of homeless encampments continues moving up the river from the ground central area of the Parkway in North Sacramento, as reported by CBS Channel 13. An excerpt. “RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Authorities say they have cleaned up … Continue reading

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Water Policy Changes for California

Looks like big changes, good changes, as reported by this story from the San Joaquin Valley Sun. An excerpt. “TULARE, CALIF. – The era of insanity at the Interior Department is over, so said U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt here … Continue reading

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Greening Sprawl

In this excellent article of the same name, the case is made for a revisioning of sprawl. An excerpt. “Suburban residential landscapes are popularly understood to be socially and environmentally homogeneous places where expanses of mown lawn appear in an … Continue reading

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