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Homeless Camp Clean-Up

Unfortunately, the concentration of homeless encampments continues moving up the river from the ground central area of the Parkway in North Sacramento, as reported by CBS Channel 13. An excerpt. “RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Authorities say they have cleaned up … Continue reading

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Water Policy Changes for California

Looks like big changes, good changes, as reported by this story from the San Joaquin Valley Sun. An excerpt. “TULARE, CALIF. – The era of insanity at the Interior Department is over, so said U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt here … Continue reading

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Greening Sprawl

In this excellent article of the same name, the case is made for a revisioning of sprawl. An excerpt. “Suburban residential landscapes are popularly understood to be socially and environmentally homogeneous places where expanses of mown lawn appear in an … Continue reading

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Sacramento Needs More Buses

Yes, and this article from Sacramento News & Review makes the case. An excerpt. “Not long ago, a region choked with traffic was uncertain about its future. Many compared it unfavorably with Portland. It was headed down the same road … Continue reading

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New EPA Appointment

I am not too troubled—as are many—by employees of a related business becoming government employees, as they bring knowledge to the job, which is priceless; and until proven otherwise, we should assume they will do as good a job for … Continue reading

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Homeless Port-a-potty Ruling

An excellent ruling, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, to sanction the public’s often well-intentioned but bad-consequences actions. The homeless need to be helped in a organized way, directed towards getting them out of the tragic situation they are in, … Continue reading

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Good Intentions Often Make Things Worse

The good-heartedness of people in dealing with the homeless often makes things much worse—for the homeless and those contending with their community impact as the free feedings for the homeless in the Parkway have demonstrated in the past—as this article … Continue reading

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