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Homeless Encampments & Coronavirus

Hopefully, Sacramento leadership will become aware of the failure of encouraging homeless encampments—especially during this time—as reported by City Journal, and act accordingly. An excerpt. “Progressives routinely denounce economic inequality, yet the nation’s most liberal cities offer the most dramatic … Continue reading

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Flooded Rice Fields Help Salmon

Great story from AgAlert. An excerpt. “Winter-flooded rice fields already provide essential habitat for migratory birds, but could they also provide benefits to help the state’s salmon populations? “Scientists at the University of California, Davis, are finalizing their fieldwork on … Continue reading

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California Dairy Farms

They are setting the standard for environmental friendliness, a very good thing, as this story from the Modesto Bee reports. An excerpt. “Dairy farm families and cows have long been part of the San Joaquin Valley. Farms, families, cows, and … Continue reading

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Atlantic Salmon in the Pacific?

Could be happening soon, as this story from The Mad River Union reports. Some Excerpts. “HUMBOLDT – The Nordic Aquafarms company has advanced its plans to build a major aquaculture facility on Humboldt Bay and has released designs of its … Continue reading

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Homeless & Levee Destruction

A huge problem—and a solution—as reported in this story from Cal Matters. An excerpt. “California’s homeless crisis is one of the state’s top issues, but the least discussed aspect of this broad problem is the damage these homeless encampments cause to … Continue reading

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Miracle March II

Looking good for our water supply, as this story from Accuweather reports. An excerpt. “After an absence of major storms for much of the winter, the ‘March Miracle,’ in terms of wet weather, seems likely to continue next week in California. The … Continue reading

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Miracle March

Looking good so far on water, as reported by the Weather Channel. An excerpt. “At a Glance A slow-moving storm is bringing heavy snow to California’s Sierra Nevada. Several feet of snow have already piled up. This is good news … Continue reading

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