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California’s Water Wars

A lot going on right now, here’s a good recap from Bloomberg News. An excerpt. “Water contractors in California are suing the state over its new permit that authorizes water deliveries, the result of a conflict with the Trump administration’s … Continue reading

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Helping the Homeless During the Virus

A good article from KCRA about the details. An excerpt. “A $15.1 million COVID-19 homeless response plan is unfolding in the city and county of Sacramento. “The plan is largely a combination of reimbursable state and federal emergency funding, specifically … Continue reading

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Transit Systems, So 19th Century

Yes, they are really obsolete and we see it even more profoundly during pandemics, as this story from The Federalist reports. An excerpt. “When most of the nation’s governors shut down nonessential businesses and directed people to stay at home, … Continue reading

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Dangerous Parks Reduce Home Value

Common sense right; think of the Parkway’s skid row area—from Discovery Park to Cal Expo—as you read this excerpt from the Crime & Consequences blog. An excerpt. “Very often we hear economic arguments being made against effective law enforcement. We … Continue reading

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Cities and Viruses

An excellent historical look at the connection from City Journal. An excerpt. “The Covid-19 pandemic creates such uncertainty because it strikes at the heart of our urban world. Over the past five centuries, humanity has become connected with ever closer … Continue reading

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Virus Job Losses

Economically, it’s been a rough couple of months and these charts—after the jump—from Visual Capitalism tells the story; but I fully expect the rebound will be as dramatic. An excerpt. “These Charts Put the Historic U.S. Job Losses in Perspective … Continue reading

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San Francisco’s Response to Virus

Let’s hope this strategy, as reported in this article from City Journal, doesn’t become the norm in California, But sadly, it might be. An excerpt. “An odd pattern has emerged in San Francisco as the city responds to the Covid-19 … Continue reading

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Question Authority

One of the few good sayings to come out of the sixties and this is an excellent, provocative, article about the information too often being used to deal with the virus by Victor Davis Hanson, one of America’s most treasured … Continue reading

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Nuclear Energy News

It’s pretty exciting, as this article from City Journal reports. An excerpt. “At some point in 2021, if all goes according to plan, earthmoving equipment will arrive at a scruffy, windswept spot in eastern Idaho and begin excavating a large … Continue reading

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Hidden Costs of Housing Homeless in Hotels

They can be substantial, as this article from California Globe reports. An excerpt. “On Wednesday, selected homeless across the state began temporarily moving into state-funded hotel rooms to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. “We have a moral … Continue reading

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