Looks Like a Stormy Week

According to this report from Accuweather.

An excerpt.

“A winter-like storm system will continue to bring rain, snow and cooler air to California into midweek.

“While the month of February featured nearly bone-dry conditions across the Golden State, a series of late-season storm events are helping to minimize concerns for the dry season ahead.

“Courtesy of a southern shift in the storm track beginning in March, wetter-than-normal conditions across California have brought the average snow/water equivalent statewide to more than 50 percent above the average for April 2.

“Historically, conditions across California are at their wettest during the winter months when the polar jet stream sinks southward.

“During the first three months of the year San Francisco averages 11.35 inches of rainfall, but this year they had significantly less.

“Due to a lack of jet stream intrusions, only 2.50 inches, or a mere 22 percent of the average rainfall was observed.

“Despite this, many reservoirs remain near their historical averages courtesy of a barrage of winter storms last year.

“While the storm system impacting the West Coast through early week will not erase the winter’s drought conditions, it will help to ease concerns for the upcoming dry season.”

Retrieved April 6 2020 from https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-forecasts/potent-storm-bringing-heavy-mountain-snow-flood-risk-to-california/714337

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