E Coli in American River

An ongoing problem, as reported by KCRA Channel 3.

Article claims no one knows where the e coli comes from but most folks who have kept track of news from the area in mention, surely understand it is probably connected to the hundreds of homeless camps in the area.

An excerpt.

“On Memorial Day Weekend, when people packed beaches, water samples from the American River show it matched the highest level of E. coli recorded in the last two years.

“According to data from the Central Valley Water Board, samples collected on May 21 reveal E. coli levels at Tiscornia Beach and Discovery Park were seven times higher than EPA standards.

“Since January 2018, that same level of E. coli has been found in the American River in at least 24 different weekly samples.

“Samples collected on May 21 reveal E. coli levels at North 10th street were five times higher than federal standards.

“Scientists hadn’t taken samples since March because of COVID-19, but they resumed earlier this month.

“They’ll continue taking weekly samples through the summer.

“Officials say all natural waterways have some E. coli in them, but the higher levels can potentially lead to an increased number of gastrointestinal sickness for people in the water.

“As of now, it’s not clear what’s causing the high levels of E. coli, so that’s something the Central Valley Water Board is working to find out.

“Is it birds, is it dogs, is it human? Right now we don’t know the answer to that but we’re concerned enough that we want to spend the effort and the time and collect and do the right science to try and figure this out because what that’s going to do is allow us to go the next steps and ask the question of is this a source that we can mitigate,” Central Valley Water Board Assistant Executive Officer Adam Laputz told KCRA 3.”

Retrieved May 28, 2020 from https://www.kcra.com/article/swim-at-your-own-risk-high-levels-of-e-coli-found-along-american-river/32705254

Be well everyone.

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