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Great Article on New Fish Freeway

It is posted on Susan Maxwell Skinner’s Facebook page. An excerpt. “FREEWAY FOR FISH AIMS FOR 2021 COMPLETION: “A two-year, $9.7 million project extending Nimbus Hatchery’s famous fish ladder into Nimbus Basin is half complete. The hatchery’s 65-year-old ladder will … Continue reading

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Oldest Redwoods Survive Fires

Which is very good news, from Associated Press. An excerpt “BOULDER CREEK, Calif. (AP) — When a massive wildfire swept through California’s oldest state park last week it was feared many trees in a grove of old-growth redwoods, some of … Continue reading

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Natural Gas-Powered Plants

They provide needed and reliable energy—as the rolling black-outs recently attest—and need to stay open. This article from California Globe discusses current meetings to ensure they do. An excerpt. “This week, environmental organizations, officials from numerous cities, and energy company … Continue reading

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Finally, Clearing the Forests

Knowledgeable folks have been calling for this for years, so this is good news from the San Jose Mercury. An excerpt. “The two dozen major fires burning across Northern California were sparked by more than 12,000 lightning strikes, a freak … Continue reading

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An excellent article about controlling them better (and improving our water quality) than we have been under an environmentalist driven policy, from Western Farmer. An excerpt. “Today’s wildfires are often larger and more catastrophic than in the past. Decades of … Continue reading

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Driving is Preferred

Very much so now, and, according to this article from New Geography, that will only increase. An excerpt. “The mayor of San Diego wants to spend $177 billion expanding the region’s transit system in order to make San Diego like “Barcelona, Madrid, … Continue reading

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Technology & the Virus

Excellent article from New Geography. An excerpt. “While it’s helped a lot of Americans who are displaced from their offices get their work done, it’s fallen short in areas like education and disease tracking and has once again highlighted the … Continue reading

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Shasta Dam Raise, With Graphic

This project might be getting closer to realization, according to this article from California Globe, with a great graphic after the jump. An excerpt. “In 1933, California was financially broke and unable to issue municipal bonds to complete its ambitious water system plans.  … Continue reading

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Future of Driving After the Pandemic

From New Geography. An excerpt. “A new study from accounting firm KPMG predicts that auto travel in the United States will be 9 to 10 percent less after the pandemic than it was before. Telecommuting, says the report, will lead to a 10 to … Continue reading

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Global Warming Alarmism

An antidote for those who need one, a new book reviewed at American Greatness. An excerpt. “An important new book by Michael Shellenberger, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All, attempts to counter the common belief that climate change poses an … Continue reading

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