Salmon Hatchery News

Our local hatchery shares some good news, as reported by KCRA.

An excerpt.

“GOLD RIVER, Calif. —

“The fall salmon run is happening right now on the American River, and for many in the greater Sacramento area, that usually means a visit to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery to check out the fish ladders and nearby spawning grounds.

“Although the hatchery visitor center is closed because of the pandemic, observing the salmon run can still happen, in a safe way, from the hatchery’s nature trail.

“Several people stopped by the trail on Saturday to witness the fall phenomenon — expressing appreciation for something as fascinating as the salmon run happening so close to home.

“Salmon are just beautiful fish, and once a year, you gotta just check it out,” said visitor Mick Stone. “California’s a beautiful place, even in the winter, in December with this kind of weather, I mean, it’s just gorgeous!”

“Pierre Swift made his first trip to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery on Saturday after seeing a report about its nature trail on KCRA 3 News. “I just want to see the salmon in their natural habitat,” Swift said. “We have, in our own backyards here in Sacramento and surrounding areas, so much scenery. So much so much awesome! I mean, I equate this to a trip to Disneyland.”

“The Nimbus Fish Hatchery river trail gives visitors a digestible dose of education about the river’s complex ecosystem, and during the pandemic, with a new wave of stay-at-home orders looming, it’s outdoor recreation where families can get some physical activity while staying a safe distance from others.

“It’s cool how everyone can do it!” said elementary school-age visitor Katelyn Wyatt. “It’s fun because people can get out and don’t have to be inside.”

“For those living farther away or not comfortable visiting the hatchery in-person, there’s a way for them to learn about the hatchery and fall salmon run. Wildlife interpreters are educating the public via virtual tours and virtual field trips.

“The nice thing about that is they’re now accessible to anybody, so you don’t have to be in California to be able to visit Nimbus Hatchery … you can get those virtual experiences,” said Laura Drath, interpretive services supervisor for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s north central region.

“That’s actually one of the positives that’s coming out all of this. We can have a broader scope and broader experiences from wherever we happen to be.”

“CDFW’s wildlife interpreters have posted several free public webinars on the Nimbus Hatchery Facebook page. Its virtual field trips and virtual small group tours (open to groups of at least 10 that request tours) allow students and people interested in the fall salmon run to see the fish, see what’s happening out at the hatchery, and ask questions about the fish lifecycle and the importance that process plays in our ecosystem and the environment.”

Retrieved December 8, 2020 from Fall’s salmon run at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery observed in two ways (

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