Homeless Issue Heating Up

As reported by KCRA.

An excerpt.

“Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is assessing the damage outside his home after a few dozen protestors staged a demonstration Saturday night that got to a level the likes of which he’s never seen in his front yard.

“Mary Lynne Vellinga, the mayor’s communications director, explained that Steinberg’s home has seen its share of demonstrations outside, but until Saturday, his home had never seen property damage.

“The idea that people would come terrorize his street, intimidate his family, damage his home is beyond the pale and he was quite upset about it,” Vellinga said.

“Along with breaking lights, dinging up siding, busting a yard sculpture and writing inflammatory words in chalk on his front walkway, the demonstrators, according to Vellinga, shouted and chanted threatening phrases toward the mayor and other city leaders over a loudspeaker during the protest.

“The Sacramento Police Department told KCRA 3 there have been no arrests in connection to the damage at the mayor’s home, but that it is still investigating the incident to which 80 officers and the department’s helicopter were assigned to monitor.

“It’s not immediately clear if any one group has or will claim responsibility for the demonstration or vandalism caused to Stenberg’s home during the course of the protest.

“They were using the homeless issue, certainly, saying, ‘no more homeless deaths,’ ‘recall Steinberg,’ ‘f-word Steinberg,'” Vellinga said. “Whether they were actually homeless advocates…? If they were homeless advocates, they’d be helping the homeless.”

“The mayor and other local officials have received harsh criticism in recent weeks over the handling of Sacramento’s unhoused population, not only during the pandemic, but also during bouts of severe winter weather.

“Steinberg’s critics say he should have demanded the opening of warming centers the night of the Jan. 26 storm. The storm and the lack of shelter from it, homeless advocates said, led to the deaths of six people — a statistic that hasn’t yet been confirmed by county health officials.

“KCRA 3 contacted the Sacramento Homeless Union for its reaction to the protest at Steinberg’s home, in light of its demand last week that Steinberg resign or face a recall effort for what the group said he hasn’t accomplished for the homeless.”

Retrieved February 8, 2021 from Protesters cause damage to Sacramento Mayor Steinberg’s home (kcra.com)

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