Water Initiative

Well worth support, story from California Globe.

An excerpt.

“A citizens water group has filed for ballot title and summary with the California Secretary of State on a water abundance ballot initiative for the November 2022 ballot.

“The Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022, and the More Water Now initiative specifically calls for two percent of the state’s general fund – about $3.5 billion per year – to be allocated to projects that increase California’s water supply, according to the group’s website. “The initiative also permits up to half of those funds to be used to finance large water supply projects immediately. Tens of billions of dollars will become available. This two percent funding solution will continue until new completed projects add another five million acre feet per year of water supply to California’s farms and cities.”

“On a very recent road trip I drove through the San Luis Reservoir, and was stunned at how much lower the water is than when I saw it in May 2021.

“In recent abundant water years, the water in the San Luis Reservoir has lapped at the road.

“As for the ballot initiative, Diener stresses that this is not a bond and does not raise taxes. The ballot initiative tells the legislature to use existing tax dollars we already pay (paid), and budget that money for the water projects we want. It annually slices off 2% of the general fund and takes that roughly $4 billion a year to finance the projects in this initiative. We already do this for education, where 38% of the budget is dedicated for that purpose annually. “If we can do this for our kids at 38%, we can surely dedicate 2% to ensure they don’t have a water-less future.”

“PRIORITY PROJECTS: This initiative gives priority to underfunded projects already approved by the California Water Commission, who administered 2014’s Prop 1 Water Bond.

  • Projects like Sites Reservoir and Temperance Flat Reservoir will receive the money they need to put shovels in the ground immediately.
  • It funds repairs on our major water conveyances like the California Aqueduct, the Friant-Kern Canal, and the Delta-Mendota Canal, so when we have more water in storage, we can maximize our conveyance capacity along with our ability to move that water around.
  • It will upgrade and maintain our dams to the standards one would expect in the world’s fifth largest economy. It will pay for desalination, underground water storage, and water recycling to potable use standards.
  • It will ensure this state is able to supply every household and business with clean and safe water at last.
  • It will safeguard the irrigation water farmers need to put our agricultural lands back into full production.
  • And it will protect the environment by giving the earth back the water it needs to arrest subsidence, maintain healthy aquifers, and curb the blowing away of rich and vital top soils.”

Retrieved October 11, 2021 from Citizens Ballot Initiative filed to Fulfill Funding of Long-Overdue California Water Projects – California Globe

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