Crime in Sacramento & Parkway

Article from the California Globe.

An excerpt.

“Friday night in the once sleepy cow town of Sacramento, California there were multiple shootings, stabbings, and a transient attacked someone with a machete. This is just what was reported by the Public Safety News Network.

“Around 12:25 a.m., Sacramento Police responded to reports of someone being stabbed with a machete or large knife near 9th St and I St.

“Police were able to locate the suspect on scene and place them into custody.

“The fire department arrived shortly after and transported the victim to the hospital with non life-threatening injures.

“A second machete incident took place last night when a homeowner confronted someone in his garage, according to GoodDay Sacramento. “Ryan Savino says he was wearing nothing more than underwear when he ran to his garage. He says he got an alert on his security camera that something was happening.  Savino says he confronted the suspect who was holding a machete he’d taken from Savino’s truck. Savino managed to chase the suspect out of the garage with a baseball bat.”

“Savino says he’s frustrated because it’s not the first time he’s had a break-in at his locked, gated complex.”

“One of the three shootings was a “multi-casualty” incident – 5 shot, 2 dead at Garfield Ave and Palm Ave.

“Another shooting that took place was on the American River Parkway, a once lovely bike trail. The 32-mile trail was recognized as a national trail in 1974, and voted the Number One bike path for 2006 by Now it home to a burgeoning transient population.

“There was a bank robbery in broad daylight at F&M Bank located at the 1300 block of J Street downtown. One resident said, “Probably a felon that our governor released back into general population, or maybe it was someone who ran out of EDD benefits.”

“Another resident asked, “Who’s really surprised?”

Retrieved October 30, 2021 from Sleepy Cow Town Sacramento Is Now A ‘Dangerous Hellhole’ – California Globe

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