Sacramento Crime

A disturbing article about it from the California Globe.

An excerpt.

“The crime wave across California has come to the front doors of millions in once-safe cities. As the Globe recently reported, in the once sleepy cow town of Sacramento, California, there are now regular (daily) shootings, stabbings, even machete attacks, bank robberies, assaults and homicides.

“We’ve been compiling long lists of violent crimes. This one is a rundown of just some of the crime in Sacramento last week. And this happens in Sacramento residential neighborhoods without acknowledgment of the seriousness or impact on the quality of life by Sacramento’s Mayor Darrell Steinberg, most members of the City Council.

“I will add one more weird crime to the list: There was another middle-of-the-night explosion in Sacramento’s William Land Park Saturday night, a large regional park in the City of Sacramento. The park is surrounded by residential housing and local businesses, and includes the Sacramento Zoo, Land Park Golf Course, Fairytale Town, Funderland and a corral for pony rides.

“For more than one year now, someone or some persons are setting off what sounds and feels like bombs – a very loud explosion in the middle of the night. The response from the city: Silence. Crickets. Local residents and neighbors have noted these explosions on local social media including Nextdoor and Facebook, and have asked the Mayor’s office and Sacramento Police what is going on, but no acknowledgment or response has been provided.

“One home’s Ring camera caught this video of a car going the wrong way down a downtown alley in the middle of the night, dropping something, which eventually explodes sounding just like all of the other explosions. While we are not Explosive Ordinance Disposal technicians, these aren’t bottle rockets, but certainly could be homemade explosives.

“As I write this Sunday evening, another loud explosion just went off in the park at 5:53pm. The Globe immediately notified SacPD.

“Recently I also reported being awakened at 2:25am by gunshots and then a short burst of automatic gunfire somewhere nearby in my neighborhood.

“Here is a running list of last weeks’ crimes as reported by SacPD:”

Retrieved November 15, 2021 from Sacramento Crime Log Grows; ‘Crickets’ from Mayor and City Council – California Globe

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