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Flood Infrastructure

As this article from the Sacramento Bee indicates, much of the flood infrastructure in our state needs help, and, as our post from yesterday notes, a good place to start is with the original state water project plans from mid-century … Continue reading

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Shasta Filling Up

As this article from KCRA 3 notes, Shasta Dam is near capacity, a sad reminder that had the initial plans for Shasta and the entire California water project been approved—Shasta at 200 feet higher and Auburn Dam built—there would be … Continue reading

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For All Us Cat Lovers

A great article in the New Statesman. An excerpt. A philosopher once assured me, many years ago, that he had converted his cat to veganism. Believing he was joking, I asked how he had achieved this feat. Had he supplied … Continue reading

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Book Collecting

As a lifelong book collector, this article from The Guardian is really enjoyable. An excerpt. When I was a young woman, I drew a sort of perverse pride from my willingness to skip a meal or two in order to … Continue reading

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Homeless Campers Overflow from Parkway Ruining Another Park

As reported by this story in the Sacramento Bee, and it is a sad commentary that Sacramento’s public leadership have not yet figured out a way to protect public parks and help the homeless illegally camping there. Our solution is … Continue reading

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Housing First

We have been advocating this approach to the chronic homeless issue for over ten years, noting the success of Pathways to Housing—one of the initial advocates of Housing First—in our first research report (p. 30), and, hopefully, Sacramento is finally … Continue reading

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Sacramento Parks

As this story from the Sacramento Bee reports, the lack of adequate funding for local parks is pretty disgraceful and taking a page from other regions that have addressed this, it seems appropriate to consider public private partnerships rather than … Continue reading

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