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Haven for Hope

A great article from the Los Angeles Times on the homeless program we suggest Sacramento copy and adapt. An excerpt. It used to be that Ron Brown would work the storefronts of downtown San Antonio, trying to persuade homeless people … Continue reading

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Sacramento Far From Flood Safety

Sadly, due to a decades-long failure of public leadership to build Auburn Dam which would provide Sacramento the Gold Standard of 400/500-year level protection—see our report on Auburn Dam on our website—Sacramento remains vulnerable to massive floods, as reported in … Continue reading

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Info and Map about New Mountain Biking Trail in Parkway

This was one of the issues we supported very early on, allowing all Parkway users an opportunity to use the Parkway in the way they see fit, as long as it’s safe and not interfering with others Parkway use and … Continue reading

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Money May Help Parkway, Then Again, it May Not

This article in the Sacramento Bee makes a good case that increasing the amount of money to the Parkway may help resolve the illegal camping destroying it, but history shows little change, regardless of the newest strategy—and there have been … Continue reading

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Arresting Illegal Parkway Campers Will Stop It

The title of this article in the Sacramento Bee is “Sacramento County can’t arrest its way out of homelessness”; but the conclusions drawn are wrong, as arresting illegal campers in the Parkway will stop the illegal camping there. Too often, homeless advocacy … Continue reading

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Tiny Homes for Homeless?

This article from the Sacramento Bee shares a good idea, but only if they are located correctly, is it a good solution. Our suggestion is that they could be part of the homeless transformation campus we suggest for Sacramento which … Continue reading

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Parkway Organizations Recognizing Illegal Camping Issue

Ever since our founding in 2003—with illegal camping a central focus of our nonprofit—we have tried to get the other Parkway organizations on board recognizing and addressing this issue and over the past couple of years, it is finally happening. … Continue reading

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