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Excellent Article on Federal New Water Plan for California

This is so good and well balanced I’ve posted the entire article; a great follow up to yesterday’s post. Here it is. “Trump Plan Delivers More Water for Valley Farmers “gvwire “October 22, 2019 “The Trump administration unveiled a new … Continue reading

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Cities as Labor Markets

This article with the same name, from City Journal, is very interesting. An excerpt. Crack open your city’s comprehensive plan—intended as a broad vision for municipalities over the course of five to ten years—and you’ll find a document that reads … Continue reading

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Sobering Look at California Debt

This article from New Geography is not quite what California’s leaders have been telling us. An excerpt. It’s become common folklore that California is booming and incoming Governor Newsom and the Democratic supermajority have more taxpayer money than they will … Continue reading

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California’s Oil

It has more than anyone else in the country, but by choosing not to extract it, billions of dollars are sent out yearly to purchase oil, as this article from New Geography cites. An excerpt. California is home to the largest crude … Continue reading

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Fighting Homelessness in San Francisco

The situation in San Francisco as it relates to the proposed new tax on business is updated in this story from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. SAN FRANCISCO—Christin Evans and Gwen Kaplan both run small businesses in neighborhoods they … Continue reading

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Importing Oil Rather Than Using Our Own

That’s what California is doing as reported by CFACT. An excerpt. The latest data from the California Energy Commission (CEC), shows that California fuel consumption is at the highest level since 2009, thus continuation of the state’s dependency on foreign … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Central City Rebounding?

A good article about it from Comstock’s Magazine. An excerpt. Throughout Sacramento’s central city, houses, apartments and businesses have often sat next to vacant lots. It’s been a sign of economic imperfection and, perhaps, of Midtown’s funkiness, with the land … Continue reading

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