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California Discourages Building New Housing

Which is the only conclusion you can reach reading this story from City Journal about the mass of regulations housing developers face in California. An excerpt. Stories about the desperate living arrangements of highly compensated California tech workers sound like … Continue reading

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Tech Centers

Sacramento is one, ranked 27th of 53, as this story in New Geography notes. An excerpt. A growing tech industry is often considered the ultimate sign of a healthy local economy. By that measure, the Bay Area still stands at … Continue reading

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Wilderness Areas and Outdoor Gear Retailers

A very good point—and one I agree with—is made in this article from PERC. An excerpt. Yvon Chouinard, the founder of the outdoor-gear company Patagonia, is arguably the godfather of his industry. So when Mr. Chouinard called for a boycott … Continue reading

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Water Markets

Allowing water to be traded on the open market is smart—with guarantees for basic life needs to be met by government controlled water sources—and this article from PERC is about that. An excerpt. We like to nod sagely at the … Continue reading

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Texas Wonder

A wonderful report from New Geography, on the great state of Texas which far out shadows California—except for weather and physical beauty—but important to read for economic, urban, and political instruction on how to be user friendly. An excerpt. This essay is … Continue reading

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Rock Festival in Parkway

This festival, as reported by KCRA News, is an excellent legitimate—and profitable—use of the Parkway in an area too often degraded by the illegitimate use by illegal homeless camping and the destruction through fires and pollution resulting from that; plus, … Continue reading

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California Dreaming

An excellent analysis from Joel Kotkin in New Geography. An excerpt. As its economy started to recover in 2010, progressives began to hail California as a kind of Scandinavia on the Pacific — a place where liberal programs also produce prosperity. … Continue reading

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